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Vanderbilt University

Blair School of Music- Nashville, TN.

Turner Recital Hall, 24 Rank Reuter Organ

       The organ was removed from Peabody College in August of 1981 and transported to our shop in Eagleville. There it was rebuilt, redesigned, and enlarged. A moveable platform was made for the console so it could be stored off stage while not in use. The white console was refinished to match the furnishings of its new home.

     Casework to cover the mechanism of the wind chests was designed to blend with the room’s décor. In 1986 we moved the existing 1’ Great Mixture to the Swell division and a new 1 1/3 Mixture was installed in the Great division along with a new 8’ Trumpet. Also, a full length 16’ Pedal Posaune was installed. A total of 276 pipes were added.

    The Swell division is in two separate enclosures and can be enlarged for future additions. The great division has two main windchests and several off chests. The Pedal division is also on several windchests. This allows for redesigning the organ to fit a new location; very practical.The blower and all related A/C electrical equipment are in excellent condition. The organ can be redesigned and installed by us or your organ builder. It is being stored in climate controlled storage.

                   *All Primaries and Stop Actions have been re-leathered in 2015.





16 Quintade

8 Gedeckt

16 Subbass

8 Principal

8 Gemshorn

16 Quintade GT

8 Holzflote

8 Gems Celeste

10 2/3 Quint (Ext)

8 Quintade (Ext)

4 Rohrflote

8 Principal

4 Octave

2 2/3 Nasat

8 Subbass (Ext)

4 Quintade (Ext)

2 Waldflote

8 Quintade (Ext)

2 Super Oct

III Mixture

4 Octave (Ext)

1 1/3 Mixture

8 Hautbois

4 Quint (Ext)

8 Trumpet


16 Posaune






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Rodgers Organ with speaking pipes!


The pipes are mounted on the flawless mahogany windchests with built-in Schwimmers. The voicing is wonderful. The Laukhuff blower feeds a high pressure bellows that feeds the Schwimmers. It has 8 extended ranks as follows:

Stop List

8’            Principal           85 pipes

8’            Gemshorn TC   85 pipes

4’            Octave             61pipes

8’            Gedeckt           85 pipes

8’            Rohrflute          85 pipes

2 2/3      Nazard             61 pipes

1 3/5      Tierce               49 pipes



McManis Organ Co. 1957 No. 36


The organ was originally built in 1957 for William Weaver of Decatur, GA. At one time the organ was a practice instrument at Macon College (now named something else having merged with another college. We acquired the instrument from The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Macon, GA when they decided to renovate their sanctuary and purchase a larger instrument. The organ has been in our house in Tuscaloosa (1997-2006) and now in Birmingham.

Studio Organ, Built for the William Weaver Residence

 Wind chest:   9'-4" long x 3' deep x 9'-8" tall

 Console:  56" long x 43" deep (w/pedalboard), 5 rank (extended), Direct electric Asking Price $25,000 OBO!

Consoles Etc.







Bellows, Tremolos, Facades, Shades, Magnets, Solenoids, Draw Knobs, Music Racks, Benches, 100-wire electrical cable (PVC), Pipe Chests, Combination Actions, Swell Machines, Winkers, Rectifiers, Chime Actions and much, much more!!!

5 Rank Pitman Chest


Chest measures W 3' x L 8' 9", Ranks are: 8' Vox Humana, 8' Oboe, 8' Salicional, 8' Celeste TC, 2' Block Flute

61 Note Primary, 5" Wind Pressure, From Presbyterian Columbia.


Other used chests available:

Peterson CA

                                                    Skinner Relay





Electric Swell Machine

     Reisner Electric Swell Machine. Three units in stock and in excellent condition. Supplied with potentiometer. $275 each plus shipping. Its travel is continuous, not divided into intervals and can move a 12 inch shutter through 90 degrees. 110 Volt AC. Height 11", Width 8", Depth 5 1/4".




Organ Pipes Available

Used Pipe Inventory List


Wood Presses For Sale
Three foot tall and 25" wide, solid steel wood press.  Others not shown will need to be sanded and painted. There are 4 available!

Wood Press

"Music cleanses the understanding;
inspires it, and lifts it into a realm
which it would not reach if it were left to itself."
~ Henry Ward Beecher (1813 - 1887)

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